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Buy the Book: Silver Scuro, Portraits 2014-2016

I’m thrilled to announce that a collection of my black & white portraits from my Dark Silver project is now available in paperback. The series was recently featured in CAN Journal, and individual images have been displayed in exhibitions here and juried shows.

Silver Scuro collects photographs of folks recruited mostly through social media to volunteer for portraits created with large and medium format film cameras. The variety of people and poses and reflect a range of self-awareness and interaction with the photographer. Silver Scuro, or Dark Silver, refers to the black and white film process, where the light sensitive silver creates dark, shimmering images burned onto the negative, and subsequently printed out onto the silver gelatin paper. The interaction between subject, photographer, light, lens, and film creates a unique moment preserved in the physical medium of film. Reproductions are from hand processed and printed silver gelatin photographs.

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