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Breaking in the new studio

It's been a hectic few weeks as we moved the studio into the new space, and although it's directly across the street, it's definitely not a lateral move. While somewhat smaller, the new studio is superior in creature comforts, and mechanical and structural integrity. Beautiful wood floors welcome, and functioning HVAC make you want to stay. I've wanted to get my lovely wife in for a portrait sitting for a while now, and I finally broke her down (although it was probably the promise of a heated room during the shoot which finally appealed to her). She donned her wedding dress for the occasion, something I had wanted to photograph for a long time, and we broke out various cameras for the job--from the 8x10 view camera and TLR medium format, to digital. Here are a few highlights, with more to come once processing and printing of the rest of the film images is complete.




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