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Michael Villella: Actor, writer, father, character...

I had the pleasure of catching up with Michael Villella, who is a Mastroianni on his mom's side (my father's cousin), yesterday. Michael is an actor and writer who splits his time between L.A. and Calabria, where he lives part of the year in our family's town of Conflenti. Of course I had to get him in front of the camera, and here are a few of my favorites.Although he once played a serial killer in the movies, he is nothing but a lover of life in the real world.

Actor and writer Michael Villella

You can catch Michael at the Cinema Wasteland Expo this weekend at the Holiday Inn in Strongsville, where he will be reunited with cast and crew of Slumber Party Massacre, the 1982 cult favorite slasher film, in which he played Russ Thorne, the man who made you afraid of power tools.