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Choosing a wedding photographer--"unlimited" coverage?

Since we're in the late winter/early spring "off-season", I'd like to devote a few posts to wedding planning in terms of  choosing your photographer. One such topic deals with the duration of your wedding day coverage.A question which comes up frequently when shopping for wedding photography is "do you offer 'unlimited' hours?" The idea of offering unlimited hours is not uncommon with new or amateur photographers who believe that this is a way to offer value to the customer while gaining an advantage for themselves. Of course the reality is quite the opposite. Most professional photographers offer coverage based on the number of hours needed by the client, and for very good reason. The amount and duration of coverage can vary widely from one wedding to another; it is not unusual for me to spend barely five or six hours covering a smaller, intimate, possibly single location wedding, and the very next weekend spend eleven or twelve hours covering a larger event with multiple locations, photo opportunities, and guests. Now, if I were to charge the same amount for the six hour event that I did for the twelve hour event, one of us is going to get ripped off. Just like with any other job, a professional photographer is going to charge by the duration and scope of the work being done.

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