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October Artwalk: Charlotte Mann

Mexico Quemèrico: a collection of black and white film photography by Charlotte Mann... I stubbornly maintain my allegiance to film; to the silver-gelatin alchemy of light and shadow, birthed in mysterious chemicals and water, the black & white and tones of gray, immune to manipulation, forthright and even brutal, and always honest.

The deadpan phantasmagoria of Mexico, particularly the colonial region of San Miguel de Allende, speaks to me in a way that no other location on this Earth in which I've traveled ever has.

My camera, as my instrument, and film as my messenger, provides a contemporary record of the marrow of the conquistadores and campesinos; the magical realism, the fatalism, the nostalgia, the spontaneous joy, the remnants and seeds of insurrections and revolutions, the humor in the face of dogged survivalism, the intermingling of church and indigenous magic and at last the people, for whom I hold in respect and admiration.

Join us on Friday October 8, 2010 at Mastroianni Arts for the opening and reception from 6-10, in conjunction with the Tremont Artwalk. Refreshments will be served and and tangueros will accompany...

Special gallery hours this month: Saturday October 16, 11-2, and Friday November 5, 6-9.

El Diablo ©2010 Charlotte Mann

Space Aliens ©2010 Charlotte Mann

Veils ©2010 Charlotte Mann

©2010 Charlotte Mann