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portraits for everybody


Beautiful and engaging portraits are a collaboration between the sitter and the photographer...

We shoot on location in the greater Cleveland area to suit your style, from simple head-shotssenior photosmusicians, actors, fashion, engagement, and anything in between.  Portrait sessions start at $250; all sessions include online proofing and print ordering options. See some of the latest portrait sessions on the blog.

Large format black and white portraits on film

These unique portrait sessions are done with large or medium format cameras, and result in beautiful, one of a kind silver gelatin negatives and prints created in a real darkroom. The process is slower and less “perfect” than modern digital imaging, but the process informs the aesthetic: rich silver-based images where time and light are carefully measured and refracted through the lens onto the film. Photographs are printed with old, mechanical enlargers and hand processed in the dark room, resulting in unique, one of a kind prints which will last generations.

Sessions are usually limited to the studio due to the size of the camera, but more complex sessions can also be booked for location shoots. Portrait sittings are an involved process, with careful camera set up and lighting, and the creation of a very limited number of exposures. Then each sheet of film is processed by hand in my exclusive darkroom. After reviewing the proofs, toned enlargements on real fiber paper are printed by hand one at a time to archival standards. Sizes vary from 8x10 up to 20×24 inches. Contact me for more information on this unique opportunity.