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traditional black & white film processing and printing

20x24 toned silver gelatin print from 8x10 negative

20x24 toned silver gelatin print from 8x10 negative


With one of the last professional black & white darkrooms in the Cleveland area, I still offer custom hand processing and printing of silver gelatin film to professional photographers and artists. I can also strike brand new prints from your old black & white negatives, breathing new life into forgotten film images, as well as provide high resolution scans of your negatives.

All film is hand processed in tanks or trays, and all prints are tray processed to archival standards. All formats from 35mm to sheet film can be individually processed, including push and pull processing.  Prints up to 20×24 are tray processed, and can be custom toned. Enlarging capabilities go from 35mm to 8″x10″ negatives.

Processing including a contact sheet for most formats is $16 per roll or sheet.  Push and other custom processing is extra. Discounts are available for bulk processing of like rolls or sheets.

Prints are individually processed on RC or fiber Ilford paper.

All orders must be prepaid, drop off/pick up or add $7.50 for standard shipping on most orders if necessary.

Email or use the contact form below for more information.

Film Processing & Scanning

  • 35mm tank processing including contact sheet—$16, with high-res scans via download–$25
  • 120 roll tank processing including contact sheet—$16,with high-res scans via download–$25
  • 220 roll tank processing including contact sheets—$24,with high-res scans via download–$35
  • 4×5 sheet tray processing up to four sheets including contact sheet—$24,with high-res scans via download–$35
  • 8×10 sheet tray processing and contact per sheet—$16,with high-res scans via download–$25
  • push or pull processing added per roll or sheet—$4
  • quantity pricing on multiple rolls or sheets available

Enlarged proof sheets:

  • 11×14—$25
  • 16×20—$40

RC Prints-pearl

  • Up to 5×7–$8
  • 8×10–$16
  • 11×14–$25
  • 16×20–$40
  • 20×24—$75

Fiber Prints-double weight glossy

  • Up to 5×7–$16
  • 8×10–$35
  • 11×14–$65
  • 16×20–$85
  • 20×24—$125
  • Selenium toning add 50%
  • Sepia toning add 100%

All prints are tray processed and washed to archival standards.

Custom cropping available on request.

Discounts available for quantity same size prints from the same negative.